Monday, 13 June 2011

Still laid up...

The 2011 season is getting off to a slow start for Enfys as her skipper has been unwell and is due to go into hospital in mid June for another operation. As her GRP companions on the beach have been prepared and floated off to their summer moorings, Enfys has been left behind.  The mooring officer of the local boat club remarked that the slowness of the refit must be because she is wood and in his mind 'wooden boats take a huge amount of upkeep... no time for sailing....' However I was able to correct him on that point as it was her skipper that needs the 'repairs' this time and in fact the boat is OK to go.

Laid up on the beach with winter cover on

 Anyway, once her skipper is sorted he will have some spare time whilst recuperating to get on with a couple of jobs that didn't get done during the winter whilst he was ill.

In the meantime here is a picture from a previous season when Enfys went inland exploring the upper reaches of the Eastern Cleddau river at the top of the Haven.  Although still tidal she is anchored here near Slebech and only about a mile from the limit of navigation:

Anchored in the ebb flow near Slebech

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