Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Some important updates - 2

'Enfys' had been fitted with the ubiquitous 'Off-1-2-Both' switch to connect her two batteries to the entire electrical system, including engine and all boat services.  After a small scare when we found we were running both engine start and boat batteries down together I decided to upgrade to a split system. Also the wiring to the VHF radio, 12V socket and instruments is in a bit of a state, as can be seen:
 I installed a BEP 'cluster' switch with a 'Voltage Sensitive Relay' (VSR) to switch the batteries and re-cabled them:
 On the other side of the boat there was the original power distribution for the boat with 2-pole isolator (in series with the other switch) and a redundant regulator from her original Yanmar engine.  I stripped all this out when re-cabling the main battery leads:
Here is a battery monitoring unit that I obtained to install in the boat's switch panel:
 The switch panel for boat lighting etc. now fitted with new switches. The original ammeter is open circuit and had a large external shunt that I removed to install the battery monitor.
 Switch panel front view before ammeter was removed:
 Finally.. I invested in a fitted overall laying-up cover for 'Enfys'.  It arrived at the end of the winter and will soon be off....

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  1. Hi Dick here Mariette
    Who made that rather lovely all over cover I have priced up one or two in Essex and they propsed nothing as neat as yours and wanted a fortune?
    Best regards