Thursday, 19 February 2015

Battery stowage improvement 1

Enfys has two batteries both of about 100Ah stowed low-down just abaft the cabin bulkhead in the engine space, one port and one starboard.  They are connected via a BEP cluster switch and arranged so the port one is for engine starting and the starboard for 'house' service. As built she has a tray in which each battery sits held in place by a loose stainless steel strap and a basic plywood drip shield to protect them. Like this did not feel that they were well enough secured or protected - the Finesse does not have a self-draining cockpit.
Starboard battery in original stowage arrangement

I made two boxes out of 9mm marine plywood sheathed in glass mat and resin to make them stiff and watertight. With lids and cut-aways for the leads, the batteries are held down by webbing straps and the whole box can be lifted in and out with battery in situ.
Battery box under construction

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