Sunday, 3 January 2016

The least cherished job?

Enfys is now laid up ashore on the hard in Saundersfoot Harbour and we have put the cover on with the hope that the weather would allow some maintenance - no chance! It seems to have rained almost continuously since November and we have done little more than winterise the engine and stow gear.
However I have started a long-overdue task that cannot be put off any longer : A complete strip back to bare wood of the anti foul and bottom re-paint. Lying under the boat (with the rain pouring down) I have made a start. A tungsten-carbide bladed scraper seems to be the best weapon . The old paint comes off in dust and small flakes and gets everywhere so I need to be fully goggled and masked-up for this horrible job.
Stripping off the old bottom paint.

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