Monday, 14 November 2016

Hatch slider repair

Whilst working on Enfys' deck and grasping hold of one of the hatch runners I felt my fingers dig into the forward end of the port side one - a soft-spot had been developing adjacent to where a fastening holds it through the cabin top.  I didn't want to leave this freshwater decay too long in case rot spreads into the ply cabin top - much more difficult to repair - in my opinion.
Tell-tale blackened timber
The slider top was removed and the runner cut down and back to sound timber. A single screw fastening was removed - driven through from below. Once cleaned up I found that the runners had been fastened down on top of the deck sheathing so the plywood deck had only been getting wet in the area immediately around the single screw fastening and seems sound. The original glue was very dark - Resourcinol?
Cutting back to good timber
A simple 'scarf' was cut and a new piece of Iroko was worked to suit. This was epoxy glued and screwed into place.
New section glued and screwed
Job done. A bit of sandpaper and varnish was then all that was required.
There is a similar patch forming on the forward end other rail and this will have to go on the next winter 'worklist'.

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