Monday, 2 July 2012

In commission at last!

We finally got the antifouling and painting completed between rain showers - and tides! It is a filthy un-cherished job that was made more difficult by the boat lying directly on the mud (oh for the luxury of being on nice timber blocks in a boatyard!) The wind was blowing hard too whistling between the keels and coating me with almost as much paint as the boat...
 Topsides, bottom paint and boot-top all done!

 Hanging the rudder that I had previously painted off the boat.  We were against the clock now as we were floating her off on the next high water and the flood was approaching fast!
'Enfys' is now back on her outer mooring after getting her off over the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend.  Since then it has been mostly rain and gales, and more gales :(

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