Sunday, 23 September 2012

Summer 2012

Just after we commissioned 'Enfys' for the 2012 season 'Seafair Haven 2012' came to the Milford Haven Waterway.  The weather was dreadful for the most part with poor visibility and high winds.  We slogged up to Lawrenny getting soaked and had a poor night's sleep as the wind howled rattling the rigging. Have I mentioned how 'noisy' a clinker hull is as waves lap and slap under the lands?  Makes getting some rest difficult at times. However the next day we mad our way with some of the fleet of small boats right up to Cresswell Quay for breakfast. Only a shoal-draught yacht like a Finesse can get up a creek like this.  Cresswell Quay was once very busy as a loading point for coal from the Pembrokshire collieries but is now a quiet backwater with a nice pub!

'Enfys' joins the fleet at Cresswell Quay
 Whilst we were 'upriver' we had a go at exploring the upper reaches of the Eastern Cleddau and sailed  up with a following wind against an ebb tide, eventually deciding to turn about near Slebech with the muddy banks closing in on each side.  Unfortunately on the return trip I 'cut the corner' near Picton Point and unsure of where the channel was put her aground, too late I worked out that the big plastic bilge-keeler I thought was anchored was already ashore!  It was 1 1/2 hours to low water and we had a 3-hour wait.  Luckily we had a good stock of beers on board!

Dryed-out at Landshipping - The yacht in the background was already aground.
 During the summer we had a few day-sails around the lower reaches of the Haven and have paid a few visits to Dale.

Reefed for a fresh breeze near Thorne Island
 The summer threw some unsettled weather at us for the most part and most of our sailing was reefed. On on sail inside the Haven with two reefs in we  managed a record (For 'Enfys') 7.5kts.

A fine day for sailing in Pembrokeshire

A rainbow over Lindsway Bay near Dale

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